Warmth Without the Weight

Introducing the Classic Sweatshirt Lite, our vegan answer to luxury cashmere alternatives. This high-performance, bio-based sweatshirt is specially engineered to trap and disperse body heat by employing the fabric's natural cellular structure to promote thermoregulation. The result is a beautifully soft, warm yet breathable garment that's lightweight and perfect for layering.

How it Works

Traditionally, wool and cashmere have been among the warmest fabrics on the market. This is largely due to the structure of the individual fibers, which each have a hydrophobic, moisture-wicking exterior and an absorbent, hydrophilic core. This allows the evaporated moisture being produced from the body to be wicked away and held in the core as insulation without any feeling of wetness against the skin. Our sweaters work the same way except that we use fabric made from bamboo cellulose, which has remarkably similar thermal properties without the use of livestock. The multi-dimensional, heat-trapping knit structure is just the icing on the vegan cake.

Features & Benefits

Body Temperature Regulating

The combination of moisture-wicking and moisture absorbing properties functions to trap and gently disperse body heat as needed.

Bio-Based Materials

Made from mindfully selected, plant-based sources, including eco-friendly bamboo and certified organic cotton, to be biodegradable and vegan.


Fabric is hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-synthetic, and free of toxic chemicals, including PFOA, PFA, and BPA. It's also super-soft and offers UVA/UVB protection.

Ethically Made in the USA

Our garments are manufactured ethically in a reputable, WRAP-certified facility located in New York City's historic garment district from domestically-sourced fabrics.